Creepypasta x neko reader lemon

I hope you enjoy it. The sound of glass shattering woke her from her dreams, but she didn't bother to get up and find out what had done it- because she already knew. This wasn't exactly the first time it had happened. So, she just laid quietly in her bed and waited for it to be over and done with- just like the hundreds of other times before.

Before long, she heard the telltale sounds of someone climbing through her bedroom window, and walking across her floor.

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She didn't move a muscle as the person who had broken into her home approached her bed- sometimes he just left her alone, and she hoped he would tonight. The feeling of cold air hitting her skin shattered her hopes as she soon came face to face with the person she didn't want to see or have around.

In response, said woman shifted to give him enough room to lie in bed, but she made no move to complain or resist. She knew better than to resist by then- what was happening occurred on a weekly basis with her. That was the price she had to pay for being allowed to live. She'd discovered the hideout of the creepypasta by chance, and rather than kill her on the spot, Slenderman made her a deal.

The deal was that she become a servant of the creepypasta- namely, Masky, who lacked a servant of his own.

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She agreed, but only because she had the will to live. Since then, she'd been in charge of getting the proxy his supplies, housing him when he needed a place to hide, getting him his pills, and etc. She hated every second of it- so did the others. Yes, others. Every creepypasta had at least ONE normal person acting as their servant- their link to the outside world.

They all gathered for meetings and such from time to time, and the one thing they all had in common was a hatred for what they had to do. She shifted further way from him as he climbed into bed- she didn't want to have any physical contact with him. Because he was mean. She'd learned the hard way that he was more than willing to smack her if she acted out of place- she'd had to go to college hiding her bruises on more than one occasion. As soon as he settled into bed beside her, she reached for the blanket and pulled it back over her- he did likewise to keep from getting cold.

Since she wasn't facing him, she couldn't tell if he was wearing his mask or not. Sometimes he did, sometimes he didn't- but, when he didn't, he typically tried to talk to her. That never went well. He'd ask her questions and eventually, she'd give an answer he didn't like- then he'd punish her.

Usually he just smacked her, but sometimes, he took her to "Work" with him then made her clean up his mess when he was done. On those days, she'd return home to spend an entire night sitting in a tub of cold water. Those were the days when she most questioned why she was still alive in the first place. Meaning she was either going to get hit, or forced to clean up a bloodbath. She really didn't want to talk to him. She didn't want him there- she wanted him to just leave her alone and let her live in peace.

Sadly, she knew that wasn't going to happen. She felt him stir beside her- he had more than likely sat up. She could feel him giving her the evil eye. Since she was pissed off herself, she couldn't prevent herself from snapping at him. Just go to sleep you-! The next thing she knew, he was pressing her against the bed with his hand tightly grasping her throat.

She tried to catch her breath, but was unable too because of his grip- if he didn't let her go soon, she'd pass out and probably wind up dead.I pouted, staring at him while he reads a book.

creepypasta x neko reader lemon

I was lying on my stomach on the couch while he sits in front of me. He paused on his book and looked at me. He shook his head no and returned reading. I groaned and flipped to my back side. I've been wondering what was behind his mask since I ran into this mansion. Well, he was in fact the one who guided me in here. Here we are now, in his room, on his couch and I'm simply trying to persuade him to get his mask off.

I sighed, looking at the ceiling. I got used to your creepy faces. It was hard at first. I just don't want to.

creepypasta x neko reader lemon

Suddenly, a thought popped in my head:. Why am I persuading him when I could just yank it off his face?! Before he got back, I hid behind his couch so he won't see me. I heard a creak on the door and light came from it.

It seems that Masky's back. I heard the door click. He locked the door. He told me that nobody in the pasta family ever saw what's under the mask.

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Nobody so it'll be a great honor that I'll be the one who gets to see it. He switched the lights off and sat on the couch. Everything was going into plan!

I slowly grabbed his mask from behind and tried to pull it off, but instead of me pulling his mask off, he pulled me to him.Leon, otherwise known as Snakeman-Jack, is my creepypasta OC. A self insert X reader lemon. Don't like, don't read. Intended for people who identify as female.

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Trembling, you sneak into his room- your footsteps quiet as you cling to yourself. Silently, you approach his bed to find him lying in it- but, you know he's not asleep. He rarely sleeps- but, he meditates often enough. Shakily, you extend an arm to touch his shoulder. His eyes snap open, glowing gold for a moment before dimming down a bit as he looks at you.

You cast him a pleading look, and grip his shoulder fearfully, your hand and body shaking. He doesn't say anything in response, he just lifts the blankets from his body- you quickly accept his invitation and climb under the sheets. You settle in as fast as you can- you rest your head on his chest and cling to him while you attempt to calm down.

The steady beat of his heart, and his even breaths help you relax- as does the arm he gently drapes over your back.

Bowsette X Male Reader Lemon

Taking a deep breath, you close your eyes and try to focus on him instead of the dream that had driven you to his side. You jump slightly when he starts to rub your back, but you quickly relax. You think of him. Not of your abusive parents. Not of being thrown out of your home and left to die on the streets. You think of him finding you, alone and weak after months of living in an alley.

You think of him picking up your sick body, and carrying you to the truck he used to get you to his home. You think of how gentle he was when he cared for your. Him dabbing your forehead with a warm, wet cloth. Him feeding your herbs and broths to help you get your strength back up.

Him letting you stay in his bed until you were well enough to move. The gentle tone of his voice when he spoke to you. The comforting chill of his gauntlets when he touched you. He was never violent with you- though, you were more than aware of what he could do to you at a moments notice. He was a serial killer.

You found comfort in his arms. The thought of it should have made you sick- but it didn't. In fact, you didn't care. Well, because you realized that it was a sad, sad world when a serial killer was more willing to take the time to help and comfort you than family. A murderer cared for for you than anyone else you'd ever encountered.

So, let the world call you sick for finding comfort in his presence- because in the end, the killer held more sympathy than the "normal" people roaming the streets. Opening your eyes you find that you've calmed down a bit, and you sit up slightly to look at him. His eyes were closed once more, meaning he'd fallen back into his meditative state. Hesitantly, you reach for his face. He remains relaxed as you touch around his eyes and his cheeks- but, when you touch his lips, he gently kisses your fingers.

You blush faintly at the affectionate act, before you pull your hand away and slowly lean in. You brush your lips against his shyly, but apply more pressure when he kisses you back without delay.The forest didn't seem to be safe at a foggy night like this.

Of course, it wouldn't be. How stupid of me! Well, it wasn't my idea to wander around here in the first place. All I know is that I woke up on a pile of dried leaves with a flashlight beside me and some notes.

creepypasta x neko reader lemon

I quickly got off my position when I saw—or what I think I saw—a tall and slender man with no face at all. He was wearing black suit, and his skin is pure white. He also had those tentacles that were wiggling behind him. I had to run as fast as I could. The static noise was deafening! I didn't know what's causing it but, every time that man gets near, that jitter noise will be heard.

Here I am, running aimlessly in the woods, in the cold, dark night with these sheets of paper and flashlight occupying my both of my hands. I was simply terrified of that slender man. Then, I came across with a guy with a white mask that has black make-up on it.

You'll be safe to where I'm taking you. He leads me to this mansion that seems suspicious. Why was it in the forest in the first place? I didn't know. All I know is that I'm safe here, but why do I have a strange feeling about this?

I took time to catch my breathing.I don't even know where THIS came from. I was listening to music on the bus, completely relaxed for once, and then I start getting scenes from this lemon in my head. My OCD acted up and I couldn't help but write it Jeff is about 23 in this story- and you are The musky scent of smoke and sweat. The calming effect created by the dim, blue lights that flashed throughout the darkness of the room.

A dozen or so men sat patiently in their chairs, staring up at a variety of women doing erotic dances- most of which danced around a pole. There was however, one man who didn't seem interested in sitting down. Instead, he stood behind a chair and watched as whatever woman happened to be in front of him danced seductively on her pole. When he tired of watching one woman he calmly made his way over to the next- as if he was searching for one woman in particular.

However, the reality of it was that he was looking for someone- anyone- that stood out. All of the strippers he encountered were plain- the typical stripper just looking to get twenty dollars shoved in their g-string.

They all looked average to him- no scars, tons of makeup, expressions that look blank but are simply used to mask their embarrassment. To him, all of these women are the same- nothing unique about them at all.

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That is, until he made it to the last one. Because her back is littered with scars. She looked as if she'd been beaten with a whip- but not recently. Calmly, he tightened his hood around his face and he took a seat in front of the lone dancer. There were no other men sitting in front of her watching her erotic dance- probably because of her scarred back- so he had her to himself.

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He sat virtually motionless as he watched her performance, taking in every detail of how she moved and how she behaved. Her thin, nimble body clang to her pole as if it was part of her body- she performed so well on it that he was surprised it wasn't attached to her skin. She used the pole as if it were an extension of herself- and the way her legs hooked around it when she spun occasionally gave the impression that it may have been a part of her very being.

As she danced, sweat began to form on her pale skin- but the slight layer of moisture neither bothered her nor hindered her performance. Rather, that thin layer of sweat made it easier for her to spin around on her pole- and it reflected the dim lighting of the room, creating the illusion that she was glowing.

A slight smile tugged at the hooded mans cloth covered lips, and he slipped his hands into the conjoined pockets of his hoody as he lent back to get more comfortable.

This was the woman he'd been looking for. The one who was unlike all others- the unique one. She bore her damaged body with pride, and held no embarrassment regarding her line of work.

She enjoyed her job well enough to make it her passion, and she wasn't afraid to let her customers know that she liked her line of work.The whole three chapters from my deviantart account. So here it is! Jeff collapsed on the couch, casually flipping his knife up over his head and catching it swiftly. Like A Boss.

He continued doing it for a few moments, his dark eyes dull in the setting lights of the sun, warm rays of red and gold painting his sweatshirt a shiny crimson. He sighed, flicking it higher and higher till- "Hey Jeffie! His blade went flying, a silver flash, and it embedded itself into the ceiling with a twang. Look what you did! You just giggled, taking off your SHOE and throwing it precisely at the weapon.

It knocked it perfectly, causing it to turn down and- "Eaughhhhhhh! Sadly, Jeff got a face full, your tight black spaghetti strap not helping the fact you were…. He hurned beneath you, turning all shades of red before you pulled off. He shoved you away, grumbling and embarrassed, before getting up and walking away. You trailed after, grinning at his backside.

He just rolled his eyes. Sure, he and you were pretty tight, but sometimes you turned creeper for no reason and awkward things always happened. It must be BEN…. You just beamed back. Please don't say romantic… "Because we're Creepy Pasta. Later that night, Slender got back from visiting his homeland and everyone was fussing about it. Jeff shrugged his shoulders. He does this all the time. The hot steamy water was refreshing to the days events. After the 'accident', Hoodie and Masky got the better of him in a hunt, and BEN tripped him down the stairs while Smile chewed his new iPod to pieces.

Then he cut his arm chasing a victim and almost got hit by a truck on his way back to the mansion. He shook the water from his face as he continued to wash.There are two versions of IELTS to choose from: IELTS Academic IELTS General Training EveryoneThere is no way you can assess your own Speaking task and Writing task.

IELTS is a tough exam and worrying about your Writing task and Speaking task, feeling insecure or looking for a way to estimate your score before takingWhy do you need an IELTS Diagnostic Test.

IELTS is a reasonably challenging exam, knowing where you stand can do a world of difference to your preparation. This IELTS Diagnostic Test can help you in the following ways Give youCoherence and Cohesion in Writing and speaking task have the highest weight age in IELTS exam. While this is probably taken lightly by the candidates and that is where they score a low band.

You have to avoid the repeatedEvery candidate feels that the IELTS Reading test is tough and they have a very short amount of time to answer a large number of questions on very complicated texts.

You need to master the reading skills to get aIt is often said that getting good band score in IELTS writing exam is difficult, especially in IELTS Writing Task 2.

Let us check and analyse a task response to find out what are its strengths and weaknesses, and whether itStudents intending to score high in IELTS develop several myths about it.

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Many students are found having misconceptions of getting Band 7 and above in IELTS. Let us find out what these myths are: 1. The More you Write,IELTS is a unique exam in its own way where you are being rated from 0 to 9 Band scale and there is no pass or fail kind of concept here. One of our trainers has published her letter as an answer to one of the IELTS Writing task evaluation with a model answer September 16, 2017ufaber Here is one more question that appeared in the recent IELTS Writing task.

Nowadays we IELTS Writing task evaluation with a model answer August 24, 2017K. Prabha IELTS Writing task evaluation is done for the given question that appeared in the recent IELTS Exam.

Do the advantages outweigh IELTS Writing task evaluation article with model answer August 24, 2017K. Prabha IELTS Writing task evaluation is given for the following question, as appeared on the cue card is given below.

The advantages provided by English as a global language What is the format of IELTS test General Training. August 23, 2017ufaber IELTS test stands for- International English Language Testing System.

There are two versions of IELTS to choose from: IELTS Academic IELTS General Training Everyone IELTS Writing task evaluation and model answer August 21, 2017K.

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Prabha This is one more IELTS Writing task Essay Evaluation question with a model answer attached to it.


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