Student lutes for sale

The facts are still under investigation. I have used classical guitar and a special alto guitar to approach this beautiful ancient music, but all the time I wanted to have a real lute, with the real lute sound and design. One of the cookies we use is essential for parts of the site to operate and has already been set.

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You have no items in your shopping cart. English French English. Search: Search. Product was successfully added to your shopping cart. Product was successfully added to your comparison list. A really impressive instrument. You have done an incomparable favor to the world with the development of these instruments. Hopkinson Smith, USA www. The workmanship is excellent, it is easily playable and the sound is surprisingly warm, clear and resonant for the price!

Peter Croton, USA www. The settings are very well made and the instrument is pretty easy to play. The craftsmanship is really beautiful. These lutes are based on historical models, constructed with precision from quality materials, and remarkably responsive. Every detail is precise to luthier standards.

The action is among the best that I have ever played. The sound is excellent, perfectly balanced and most importantly, at least for my ears, warm. These are concert quality instruments. In short, these are solid and reliable instruments.

student lutes for sale

I think as a first-year lute student, I would have liked to start with such an instrument before going for a professional concert lute.

Excellent value for a lute of this price range! I could enjoy music with the instrument, this lute respond to anything you want to make with it. Playing louder, soft, articulationThis Tenor-sized instrument is based upon a 17 inch scale, and features six strings. The back is made in the traditional manner of lute-making and is made of alternating staves of Sheesham and Lacewood. The bridge is also made of Sheesham. An end-pin strap button is standard.

Softcase, Extra String Set Included. Free Shipping. The back is made in the traditional manner of lute-making and is made of alternating staves of Walnut and Lacewood. The bridge is also made of Walnut. The Roosebeck Travel Lute has a body made of eleven solid Sheesham staves. The neck, fingerboard, peg box are also crafted of Sheesham, attached at an angle of degrees to reduce the depth of the instrument. The tuning pegs and end pin are Sheesham. The soundboard is made out of European Spruce.

The nut is bone. There are eight nylon frets and four Sheesham frets. This Roosebeck 8 course travel lute has a body made of eleven solid sheesham staves, a sheesham neck and sheesham fingerboard. The peg box is solid sheesham attached at an angle of degrees to reduce the depth of the instrument. The tuning pegs and end pin are sheesham. The soundboard is made out of European spruce. There are eight nylon frets and four sheesham frets.

student lutes for sale

Padded gig bag, extra string set included. The Roosebeck 7-course Descant Lute is a beautiful short necked lute.The flute has ancient roots as a musical instrument, and it remains a popular choice among students and aspiring players even today.

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Flutes differ from other members of the woodwind family in that they do not require the use of reeds, but the instruments sometimes do need their own care and maintenance to keep them in proper working order.

At Amazon. Choosing an instrument can be an investment, and you'll find plenty of flutes from reputable brands like Conn-Selmer, Como, and Brio to select from. Beginner and novice instruments may include extras such as lesson books or DVDs and cleaning kits, while professional-grade instruments will feature the kind of quality workmanship and durability that's designed to endure years of even extensive play.

Select from different keys and ranges, depending upon the music you wish to play. We offer altos, sopranos, and baritones in keys including B flat, C, and G. You can even find related woodwinds like recorders, duduks, wooden flutes, snake charmers, and bamboo flutes within our extensive online catalog if you're looking for a more traditional or more exotic type of instrument and sound.

Care for your flute with our line of accessories—find pads to replace those that wear out, oil to get sticky valves moving smoothly, tools to quickly clean the inside of the instrument, and polish to keep the outside looking shiny and new.

Lutes & Theorbos

Protect your flute from potential damage or drops and carry it easily from practice to concert and back again with a hard-shell case or a padded tote. Learning a musical instrument can be a lifelong adventure. Whether you're picking up a flute for the first time or you've been playing for decades, you'll find the instruments and accessories you need at Amazon.

Skip to main content. Flutes Welcome to the Flutes Store, where you'll find great prices on a wide range of different flutes. FREE Shipping on eligible orders. See Details. Show only Mendini by Cecilio items. Show only Throwback Traits items. Trophy Flute Only 1 left in stock - order soon. Show only Kaizer items. Show only Eastar items.

Show only Cecilio items. Only 20 left in stock - order soon.A 6-co We are grateful to David Parsons, the well known lutenist, for his guidance and help in creating this remarkably inexpensive theorbo bass lute. We've commissioned Stephen Haddock to produce an exclusive range of inexpensive lutes that are suitable for beginners and more advanced players. Stephen Haddock has years of experience making high quality lutes at affordable prices.

This lute is perfect for beginners and lutenists wanting t This is a handmade renaissance lute by English luthier George Stevens, who is known for his superb attention to both detail and quality of s Note - this lute is specifically designed for left handed players and is only available to special order.

Haddock 8 Course Lute in F after Ha We've commissioned Stephen Haddock to produce an exclusive range of inexpensive lutes that are suitable for beginners and more advanced playe This lute h We've commissioned Stephen Haddock to produce an exclusive range of inexpensive lutes that are suitable for beginners and more advanced players This lute has been specifically redesigned for left-handed We are open online and by appointment in Saltaire - Click here for info.

View full details. Haddock 7-Course Renaissance Lute after Hieber 0. Haddock 8-Course Renaissance Lute after Hieber 0. Haddock 6-Course Reniassance Lute after Venere 0. Haddock 6-Course Renaissance Lute after Hieber 0. Added to your basket:. Cart subtotal.Our Best Selling Student Flutes. Quick View.

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Default Title Quantity. Add to Cart. Trevor James Model 10XC2 - silver-plated curved and straight headjoints, silver-plated body and mechanism, closed hole, plateau model, C footjoint. JFLWE - closed hole, Includes both curved and straight headjoints. Di Zhao Flute Model - All-silver plated body and mechanism, silver-plated headjoint with silver riser, closed hole, offset G, C footjoint.

Shop All Flutes! Must-Have Accessories. Thumbport - Right Hand Rest has been added to your cart Cart. The Thumbport allows greater balance in holding the flute. It is comprised of a C-shaped shell and a thumb-like extension. The Thumbport helps the player to place the right thumb Although a seemingly simple solution, the lefreQue Valentino Flute Helix Wand has been added to your cart Cart.

student lutes for sale

The Helix Wand, is designed to dry your flute's bore in one quick pass! The Helix wand is Fluterscooter Cedar Wood Bag has been added to your cart Cart. Synthetic light brown bag with a unisex design.

This bag comes with much shorter straps to carry the bag by hand. Thick and adjustable shoulder strap attached to bag so Size Options Large Small. Fix-It Tool has been added to your cart Cart. Fix-It Tool - all-in-one screwdriver and spring hook. Useful for all woodwind instruments. BG Microfiber Pad Cleaner - highly absorbent and washable pad cleaner. Altieri Concealed backpack straps. Padded handles, detachable adjustable padded shoulder strap. Decorative fabric on outer Color Options Black Purple.

Valentino Piccolo Wand has been added to your cart Cart. Sized to hold alto flute, C flute and method book.

Baroque Guitar and Renaissance Lute

Piccolo sleeve and padded laptop pocket. External pocket for orchestra Purchase an Azumi flute and get a Free Virtual Lesson. Check Out Our New Digs!Monday, 3 February Stock lutes.

Lute 101 with Nigel North

The latest addition is this Mandolino with 6 courses as ordered previously. The original is mostly in Ebony and Ivory so I made this one out of Yew wood inspired by the Burkholtzer made before with heartwood yew, the rose also has a roped border.

The neck is ebonised maple and the peg box ebonised limewood with natural pear wood pegs. The decorative headstock is made of holly and ebony like the original.

The intention was to create a venetian lute feel for the mandolino. The case is an oversized case but was bought as left over stock from Kingham and used for this instrument, it can be bought without this case but it does a good job at protecting it and small enough, the instrument can be bought without the case too.

It has a Black Walnut neck and pegbox as recommended by the Mary Burwell lute Ms and is cheaper than a veneered neck, less ebony too, the fingerboard is black English Bog Oak an eco-alternative to Ebony, the only ebony used is around the soundboard.

Buying a Lute

The original rose design, shown here has a roped border, typical of this type of renaissance lute. Strung in Kuershner Strings in g' at Hz, a warm a responsive tone.

Yew heartwood body, maple neck and pegbox, pear wood pegs and bridge, fingerboard in eco-friendly English Bog oak. Currently on hire so if your interested in buying it when back off hire then it's first come first serve as standard.

Originally by M. Shallow body and string length of Monday, 21 October Monday, 23 September This latest creation is a 13crs swan neck lute based on the comfortable Hans Frei C34 body and has the extended neck and bridge of the Widhalm MIR The bridge also has extra holes to allow stringing as a 16crs angelique too, so 3 instruments for the price of one! The ribs, neck and extended neck are in figured maple and the extended neck panels in pearwood, pearwood pegs and bridge, with the fingerboard, bridge top and points in bog oak instead of ebony.

The soundboard has a ebony edging. Kingham case in wine red exterior and a mink plush interior. Sunday, 9 June Dare I say it could be tuned as a renaissance lute in e with lute intervals just by tuning down a semitone, so 3 instruments in one potentially.

Having converted Rod Blocksidges' Mandora from 7 to 8crs single recently as heared in the link above I decided to apply this to the 8 crs 19th century mandora I had made for Chris Hirst who uses it for modern ensemble music, hence the amplification. So by drilling the bridge with holes for 7 crs double and 8crs single and a nut that caters for both stringing then it combines the best of both Mandoras and more value for money for the player. Rod tells me the 8 crs can be used to play rare Russian music requiring 8 crs.

The strings for 7 crs double and 8crs single have been adjusted to have the same overall tension, the neck and sickle pegbox are ebonised to be in keeping with guitars from the same period, and metal frets which worked just as well as gut, the back is in English yew pegs and bridge in Natural pearwood.

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The Hans Frei body C34 is a popular choice, not too deep as later baroque lute bodies can be, once plugged in it's certainly loud enough!

Sunday, 17 February This new affordable guitar is the 6 course Spanish Guitar, a transitional instrument between the Baroque and the Early Romantic single strung guitar.

This instrument can be strung as a Vihuela, a Baroque guitar as seen abovea 6 course Spanish guitar as seen above and 6 single Early Romantic Guitar as aboveso 4 in one if you really want to explore music! The 6 course had a short life span, circa 's to 's. The typical 6 course has a similar body length and depth to the late baroque guitars, some still having gut frets on the fingerboard but this one was made with metal, considering some guitar players may not be familiar with replacing gut frets.

The body is made of light weight English Yew, ebonised maple neck and head stock, pearwood pegs, Indian Rosewood bridge, alpine spruce top. Ebony edging like a lute would have. Older Posts Home. Subscribe to: Posts Atom.Drop-Down Menus Top of Page. New Items. Used Istruments. Wood Soft vs. Use full page view for best appearance.

Cherokee Rd, Suite C. Social Circle, GA Used Instruments. As of. March 13, Check for reduced prices! Now listed by instrument for easier searching. Double Reeds. These are parts from the Moeck workshop, sold after they stopped making crumhorns.

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I've made instruments from these kits and they play extremely well. Make your own crumhorn and save a bundle! Newly rereamed and reconditioned by maker. This flute plays quite nicely. Disassembled, cleaned keys, body, bore, blocks, pins, cleaned out tone holes, embouchure, sealed head joint, replace head cork, re-lapped tenons with thread, installed new key bumpers in body, re-padded, oiled wood.

Unusual design with screws for flat leather pads. Pewter plug C, C. Pictures: 12345 MCd. Five years old but in like-new condition. It does not look like it was ever played. The C delivers grand, magnificent sound that defies its compact size. Its body is only 21" deep 36" deep including pedalboard.

It features a dual-manual keyboard with 61 keys each plus 30 foot pedals in a parallel-concave configuration. With a wide variety of high-quality organ tones, the C sets the bar high for sound and performance. Experience pipe-organ power and performance whenever inspiration strikes. Hurdy Gurdies.


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